UC Berkeley Speakers Bureau responsibilities

  1. Speaker invitations: After receiving your request for a speaker, the Speakers Bureau staff will coordinate securing a speaker for the organization.
  2. Biography & title: The UC Berkeley Speakers Bureau will provide the organization with the speaker’s biographical information and the title of his/her talk.
  3. Broadcast email: The UC Berkeley Speakers Bureau can assist you in contacting UC Berkeley alumni in your area.

Organization responsibilities

  1. Contacts: Complete our speaker request form and identify one person to serve as the event contact person. This person is responsible for all communication with us and the faculty member. Other responsibilities include arranging logistics for the faculty member, and either serving as a host, or ensuring that someone hosts the faculty member while he/she is visiting your city.
  2. Attendance: The organization is responsible for making sure that the program is well attended. A minimum of 40 attendees is required to secure a speaker. Certain events may require a larger attendance. Please begin event announcements early (Save the Date cards, website announcement, telephone reminders, emails, etc.) in order to ensure required attendance.
  3. Speaker arrangements: The organization is responsible for the faculty speaker’s expenses as well as any special needs the faculty member may have (e.g. audiovisual equipment, dietary concerns, parking, etc.).
  4. Communication: After the faculty member has accepted the organization’s invitation, please send a confirmation letter to the speaker with a copy to speakers@berkeley.edu, with details of:
    • Date and time agreed upon
    • Expected event attendance
    • Name and contact information for the primary event contact
    • Address of the event site
    • Any other pertinent information to the event
  5. Hosting: As host of the speaker during his/her time in your city, the organization is responsible for making the trip both enjoyable and rewarding. Some ideas are as follows:
    • Pay for incidentals, such as taxi cabs, drinks at event, etc.
    • Consider inviting the faculty member’s local family and friends to the event.
  6. Thank you: After the event, please be sure to send a thank-you note to the speaker on behalf of the organization.
  7. Feedback: Fill out the Speakers Bureau evaluation form. This summary is vital to the program’s overall success.